I have been teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation in Asheville since 1990. All ages and playing experience are welcome —whether you are picking up the horn after a 15 year break, you are a total beginner or you have some experience but would like to learn how to improvise.
I teach  at the Academy For The Arts at the First Baptist Church of Asheville. Click on the link or call 828 – 254 – 7841 to get info.

Thanks! Frank Southecorvo

828-253-5817 (hm)
828-279-6487 (cell)


My son has studied with Frank Southecorvo since he was ten years old. Because of Frank’s influence, he is now a senior in high school at the North Carolina School of the Arts and is majoring in saxophone. He has planned a professional career in jazz saxophone, and has been the recipient of several honors based on the musical skills he has developed in his lessons. In the years he has been studying with Frank, my son has cultivated a passion for jazz music that is constantly shaping his future and leading him to new opportunities. Frank is an excellent teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for music. He has a broad knowledge of both jazz and classical saxophone, making him a versatile and informed instructor. For instance, he helped my son prepare the Heiden Sonata for his audition for the School of the Arts, and has also introduced him to a number of new concepts in jazz improvisation. Frank is also very generous with his time and takes a personal interest in his students. For example, he has gone out of his way to help my son get opportunities to perform, such as with the Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra. Frank’s teaching skills are impressive as well. He is patient with students and explains things clearly, making a conscientious effort to ensure that his students understand the concepts they are being taught. I would enthusiastically recommend Frank Southecorvo to anyone seeking a thorough education in classical or jazz saxophone.
Asheville, NC

To whom it may concern,

I am a retired physician, who at the age of 65, started learning music. I never knew how to read or interpret music. I started learning saxophone with Frank Southecorvo. When I met him I already had 2 years studying the saxophone. I was not making much progress with my teacher in San Antonio, Texas. Frank started working with me very patiently with 2 lessons a week. After working with me for almost three years, Frank was able to make me understand all the scales and the chords. He has so much understanding of music, that he can simplify and explain chord structures and how they synchronize to make good music. To simplify music or medicine (I am an ex- teacher of medicine) is much more difficult than most people think. Frank knows that I am a physician and hence have ability and curiosity which is more than an average student. He explains at my level and then demonstrates to me how it can make musical sense. He is a wonderful teacher and his method of teaching music is so unique that I get so much pleasure just working with him. I have taken lessons with several teachers. Frank is far superior to an average teacher. Now I am able to produce a good tone and can play most blues, which gives me pleasure just to listen to myself. I plan to continue working with him. Every time I work with him for an hour, I come out with lot more clarity of musical structure and learn more each time. Frank gives 100% of himself when he works with me. He is a good friend and a wonderful teacher. I am very lucky to have him as a teacher.

Govind P. Garg, M.D
Asheville, NC
San Antonio, TX